Top skills an employee should have for any job & How to improve

Once you finish your academics and other professional certifications, you get into searching for jobs. Apart form that, there are top skills you should have for any job throughout your career. This article elaborates on those skills that you need to have that can attract many employers. Read through to explore the required skills and abilities. The article also provide you specific examples to help you to understand better.

Hard Skills vs Soft skills

There are many skills that can be included on a resume. Choosing the ones that are most effective will help you stand out. These can be either the hard skills (technical) or soft skills required in any industry. Hard skills are often quantifiable. Individuals who possess these abilities can be tested to prove their knowledge. On the other hand, soft skills are those that relate to how you generally work. They include communicating well with others, and how to manage your work.

Soft skills

Communication: Effective communication is the skill of being clear about what you want to achieve in work. This involves being able to listen to others and make meaningful statements considering the other factors in work environment. The communication skills comprise of the written and verbal skills to remain focus in listening and make effective decisions. Simply, better communication can help you to reach successful targets in your career.

Examples: Listening to others, providing feedback, open mind, attentive, relaxed and patience.

Decision making skills:  better decisions arrived from evaluating a situation can display your commitment. Moreover, this can help you improve your analytic skills and create confidence in yourself. Following a strategy ensures that you are taking into consideration all relevant facts.  Also examining each of the most likely outcomes is an excellent method to make the most informed decision.

Examples: Reasoning, analyzing, open perspective, general knowledge, and intuition.

Teamwork: You need to remember that all employers look for team players. Teamwork is important to  maintain better work life balance and achieve the daily tasks. Therefore, you need to ensure to gel with the other colleagues to perform the job tasks. You should be flexible to cooperate with any individual in the company to get work done.

Examples: collaboration, creativity, contributing and team management.

Problem solving skills: Among the top skills you should have for any job, problem solving also ranks the top in the list. Usually, problem solving skills are necessary in facing issues at the workplace. You need to have better logical and analytical approaches in solving problems and reach clear solutions.

Examples: Creativity, dependability, communication and research.

Leadership skills: Leadership skills is another top skill you need to have in order maintain a successful career. Better leadership skills can manage and lead small teams in the workplace despite of your managerial level in the organization. Especially, leadership skills can motivate and encourage other to perform the daily tasks at the workplace.

Examples: Organizing, motivating, leading, planning, delegating and conflict resolution.

Critical thinking: Critical thinking is based on the ability to think clearly and thoughtfully. Employers need employees who can analyze an issue and choose the best course of action. Critical thinkers come up with new and better ways of working, which makes it a desirable skill. Instead of accepting ideas and assumptions at face value, critical thinkers carefully question them. They will always try to figure out whether the ideas, arguments, and discoveries represent the whole picture.

Examples: Good communication, Creative thinking, self-evaluating, identify inconsistencies, approach problems in a systematic way, build arguments and understand the relationship between ideas.

Responsibility: Taking responsibility for your tasks and admitting to mistakes is a vital piece of being a productive employee. Most managers resent having to check in on their staff to ensure that all aspects of their jobs are being completed. Doing what you need to do to finish your tasks is what responsibility entails.

Examples: Working before deadlines, accept mistakes, taking risks and better time management.

Self-management: Your ability to control our behaviors, thoughts, and emotions in a conscious and effective manner is referred to as self-management. In diverse scenarios, someone with good self-management abilities knows what to do and how to act. This means you recognize your own responsibility in all elements of your life and take the steps necessary to fulfill it.

Examples: Goal setting, accountability, self-motivation, Stress management and organisation.

Hard Skills

IT skills: The greatest method to show employers your IT abilities is to show them how you’ve used them to accomplish something, which you can do with examples from your education, extracurricular activities, or work experience. This is also another top skill you should have for any job. Basic IT skills such as becoming familiar with Microsoft office package can be an advantage for you in any industry.

Examples: Copy writing, programming, machine learning.

Mathematics: Most of the industries require their employees to have the knowledge of mathematics to a certain. Hence, this is can beneficial in making decisions related to the daily tasks of the workplace.

Writing skills: Writing is a requirement for many careers. Having  fundamental writing skills is vital. Whether it’s to clients or coworkers, Emails with typos and grammatical problems reflect poorly on you, and a poor tone might send the incorrect message.

Examples: Concise language, active voice, refer to facts and data and grammar.

As you have come to the end of this article, you might have received the understanding of the top skills that you should for any job. However, these skills can be essential for you in the daily life as well. Therefore, you need to work on skills and upgrade them to build a better and strong personality.  Strong personalities have the potential to create successful careers and become stable in the long term. Thus, it can be recommended that these skills can make your profile look more desirable as well as gain attention in the corporate world.

Skill Devolopment

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